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Several cans of soda.

This website has been created to accomplish a highly ambitious goal. Create a database of all soda flavors and brands. Soda is a love that fuels us as we attempt to finish this goal, and create the most detailed and thorough database of soda, on the entire internet.

Soda goes by many names, called soda, soft drinks, pop, fizzy, fizzy juice, ginger ale, coke, or sparklers; soda is a worldwide staple in the daily lives of millions. For the last century, there have been thousands of soda brands, creating hundreds of thousands of flavors. And we mean to catalog them all.

Not only will true soda by covered, but we will also cover Energy Drinks, sparkling water, and sparkling fruit juices. (As since they are sparkling, they can be described as similar to true soda.) There will be a handful of pages about Non-carbonated flavors, such as Fanta Lemonade, which are made by a soda company, but are non-carbonated. However, these flavors will be few and far between.

Sodas of all kinds will be included, including current soda flavors, past discontinued soda flavors, international flavors, limited edition flavors, future leaked flavors, test flavors, glass bottle flavors, fountain flavors, slurpee or icee flavors, and generic store knockoff flavors.

This database was created in 2019 by Goleemt koller, QuinlanVos14 (Legends Lover), and DassAttack30, all soda enthusiasts. The three friends wanted to make a wiki that covers all sodas, including generic sodas, which were not allowed to be covered, on the website that the three previously were editors for. You can edit this wiki, but please know that vandalism, such as goofy editing, will result in a ban.

Please feel free to contribute! You could contribute new flavors, information on how flavors taste, or updating out of date information, as flavors are constantly coming back or being discontinued. You can also feel free to add new imaged of flavors! Editing out typos, updating with better grammar, and helping clean up pages is also appreciated. All editors will be welcomed.

Have fun browsing the hundreds of pages covering flavors and brands, we have made it as easy as possible to navigate the fountain of information, so enjoy!

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